Friday, July 25, 2008

My Teachers of "Nari Jibon" Project

Computer Teacher

She is Taslima Akter Toma. Our Computer teacher. I like her so much. She always wears yashmak with scarf. She is so quite. She always comes in Nari Jibon very simply. She always takes her class very carefully and properly. She always talks simple. Mainly she is both intelligent and beautiful.

English Teachers:

She is our English teacher. Her name is Mohtarimun Nahar Bipa. After coming NariJibon I met with her. She takes our English classes. I like her so much because she is very friendly, innocent and she teaches us very well and easily. Always she helps us and suggests us as both teacher and friend. She always tries to develop our skills. I also like her because she always teaches us with smiley face. She doesn’t get angry with us. She always comes in NariJibon simply. Some time she makes fun with us.

She is Fauzia Parveen Kanta. She was also our English teacher. She is so sweet and she taught us so good. She used to take our English 1.5 section. When I Was a students of English 1.5 then I learned English from her class.But now she is not here in Nari Jibon. She got another job. She taught us friendly and easily. I miss her so much.

Her name is Bilkis Jahan Muna. She is also our English teacher. After Kanta Madam she took our English 1.5 class. She is very simple and quite teacher but all-time she talks with us with smiling. I like her so much.
I love them so much and they also love me a lot.


David Sasaki said...

Hi Jannat, it seems to me that you have excellent teachers at Nari Jibon. What has been your favorite lesson that you have learned there? I like the pictures in this post - where were they taken? It appears to be some sort of garden or park.

Jannat Fardoush said...

Thankyou so much for you nice comments.I like your comments because this comments about my favorite teachers. Thanks a lot.

Juan Arellano said...

Nice idea to talk about your teachers, andto post their photos¡¡¡. If i could have done something like that with the teacher of first grade i fell in love with... (Expect she is not reading this, jajaja)

Greetings from Perú.

Jannat Fardoush said...

Thanks a lot peru. really i am so happy to post this topics about my teacher. Because it is the best way to submit my fillings.

Anonymous said...

What is nari jibon? Where it is located? How have you managed to get pics of your teachers?