Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Mother

"Mother" this word is the best and chief word in the whole world.

She is my mother. Her name is Neher Begum. She is 38 years old. She is a house wife. She is the best mother to me. She is an ideal woman. All time she cares about me and my family. She does many works in our home. She gets up very early in the morning every day and she makes food for us. She is a Pious Woman. She always says her prayer regularly. My mother always thinks for us. When we go to outside, then she always say us "Be careful my child".
She is also an intelligent woman. All time she manages our family's problem. She is the main family member to me because she maintains our family. My mother is a great woman and she is my favorite person. She loves me a lot and I also love my mother so much.


Kira said...

Very beautiful post about your mom... Obviously she is a good mother as she has a good and bright daughter. Cheers!

Jannat Fardoush said...

Thank you so much Kira Mam for your wonderful comments.I like you and your comments.

elia said...

Hi Jannat,

Your mom is very beautiful woman indeed. Have you showed her this post?

And how do you say mother in your language?