Saturday, September 27, 2008


"Eid-Mubarak" to all of my blog reader. Eid greeting s to all of viewers.

Street Children

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. We all know that Dhaka is over populated capital. Here and there many roads, parks, hotels where we can see many kinds of street children whose are do many kinds of work. When we go out side then we saw street children are selling many things like-- egg, chitin, chocolate, flower, books, toys, water, tea etc. On the other side some street children beg. They had no any future of life. They did not go school before. Every child bears their family and own life. Their parents are not careful to their children. They are very poor. They live in slum. They do not get any facilities from the Government. So after their birth their parents leave their children to earn money. If we can help them then they will be successful in their life. Today’s children are the future of our country. So we should be careful and help to the street or parent less children.

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Teachers of "Nari Jibon" Project

Computer Teacher

She is Taslima Akter Toma. Our Computer teacher. I like her so much. She always wears yashmak with scarf. She is so quite. She always comes in Nari Jibon very simply. She always takes her class very carefully and properly. She always talks simple. Mainly she is both intelligent and beautiful.

English Teachers:

She is our English teacher. Her name is Mohtarimun Nahar Bipa. After coming NariJibon I met with her. She takes our English classes. I like her so much because she is very friendly, innocent and she teaches us very well and easily. Always she helps us and suggests us as both teacher and friend. She always tries to develop our skills. I also like her because she always teaches us with smiley face. She doesn’t get angry with us. She always comes in NariJibon simply. Some time she makes fun with us.

She is Fauzia Parveen Kanta. She was also our English teacher. She is so sweet and she taught us so good. She used to take our English 1.5 section. When I Was a students of English 1.5 then I learned English from her class.But now she is not here in Nari Jibon. She got another job. She taught us friendly and easily. I miss her so much.

Her name is Bilkis Jahan Muna. She is also our English teacher. After Kanta Madam she took our English 1.5 class. She is very simple and quite teacher but all-time she talks with us with smiling. I like her so much.
I love them so much and they also love me a lot.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Mother

"Mother" this word is the best and chief word in the whole world.

She is my mother. Her name is Neher Begum. She is 38 years old. She is a house wife. She is the best mother to me. She is an ideal woman. All time she cares about me and my family. She does many works in our home. She gets up very early in the morning every day and she makes food for us. She is a Pious Woman. She always says her prayer regularly. My mother always thinks for us. When we go to outside, then she always say us "Be careful my child".
She is also an intelligent woman. All time she manages our family's problem. She is the main family member to me because she maintains our family. My mother is a great woman and she is my favorite person. She loves me a lot and I also love my mother so much.

Friday, July 11, 2008

We are Three Friends.

Written by Kajol.

We are three friends – Jannatul, Kajol & Rumi. We didn’t know each other. But after coming Nari Jibon at first I met with Rumi. At that time she was only English 1 student. Then we talked as a student. Rumi brought a new student, name Jannatul. They used to come Nari Jibon together. Our teachers had chosen them as L.P.C students for 4 month. Then they were regular students of Nari Jibon . From then they are staying Nari Jibon with us . I often talk with them more. Now we are getting closer day by day. On that fore months we worked together, ate together and made fun together etc. We be love so much each other. When we will not be together then we will miss each other.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


সবার সেরা, সবার প্রিয়
সব মানুষের চেনা,
কি যে সে অমূল্য রতন
যায় না তাকে কেনা?

কাছে পেলে দুঃখ ভুলে
প্রাণ খুলে হাসা,
দূরে গেলে আধাঁর ঘরে
অশ্রুজলে ভাসা

তার কাছেতে প্রথম শেখা
প্রথম কথা বলা,
তার হাতে তে হাত রেখে
প্রথম পথে চলা

তার আচঁলের শিতল ছায়ায়
স্বর্গ খুঁজে পাওয়া,
তার স্নেহ ভালবাসায়
সুখ খুঁজে পাওয়া

এত গুনের আধার যিনি
নেই যার তুলনা,
পৃথিবীর সেই শ্রেষ্ঠ শব্দ
মধুর ডাক মা

Monday, June 30, 2008

Our visiting English teacher

Her name is Shaina Hayder. She was our visiting teacher for two months. She came from America.
She teaches our class at Nari Jibon Project.

She always talked in English but some time she talked in Bengali. She is so lovely and sweet girl. She teaches us so friendly and with care. She always came in Nari Jibon very simply. She doesn't like over make up. She always talked with us with a smile.

But now she is not with us because she went to her homeland America last month. I miss her so much. I hope we will meet in the future.

We love Shaina Madam.