Our visiting English teacher

Her name is Shaina Hayder. She was our visiting teacher for two months. She came from America.
She teaches our class at Nari Jibon Project.

She always talked in English but some time she talked in Bengali. She is so lovely and sweet girl. She teaches us so friendly and with care. She always came in Nari Jibon very simply. She doesn't like over make up. She always talked with us with a smile.

But now she is not with us because she went to her homeland America last month. I miss her so much. I hope we will meet in the future.

We love Shaina Madam.


Kira Kariakin said…
I love this post. It is sincere and authentic... I hope to read more of what you have to say!
kbw said…
bhalo korechen. we all miss shaina!
Unknown said…
This is a great way to correspond with Shaina. Our students in Majunga Madagascar are also missing their lovely teacher Lindsay who left for her country USA. Now they keep contact by posting on their blogs and so they think of each other everyday
This is so well written from the hart I'm enjoying already posting at Narijibon's students!

Joan from Foko Madagascar
Thankyou for your good comments.I hope you will like my blog.
Tankyou so much.