Saturday, September 27, 2008


"Eid-Mubarak" to all of my blog reader. Eid greeting s to all of viewers.

Street Children

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. We all know that Dhaka is over populated capital. Here and there many roads, parks, hotels where we can see many kinds of street children whose are do many kinds of work. When we go out side then we saw street children are selling many things like-- egg, chitin, chocolate, flower, books, toys, water, tea etc. On the other side some street children beg. They had no any future of life. They did not go school before. Every child bears their family and own life. Their parents are not careful to their children. They are very poor. They live in slum. They do not get any facilities from the Government. So after their birth their parents leave their children to earn money. If we can help them then they will be successful in their life. Today’s children are the future of our country. So we should be careful and help to the street or parent less children.